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Work has commenced on The Wharf, the much-anticipated residential project in Scharloo. Located on Curaçao’s world-famous Handelskade, a UNESCO’s World Heritage site, the first phase of the development will consist of thirty-five luxury apartments and 1,000 m2 of commercial space spread across three separate buildings as well as four separate city apartments. The second phase […]

Letter from the President – UNPRECEDENTED TIMES

This edition sheds light on the opportunities to never waste a good crisis. Several countries call these ever changing and improvising times as a “new normal”. However, what we see is an increased awareness towards the items that should have been normal in our day to day in the first place, such as hygiene, personal space, innovation, transparency, now becoming enforced and disruptive on several levels.  It has become an environment of being more aware and alert of your […]

Letter from the Chief Editor – NEW NORMAL

I am always searching for inspiration from all areas of life. Setbacks and challenges will always be part of life, but we can choose to maintain a positive viewpoint. This pandemic has impacted everyone across the globe with far-reaching financial consequences. A possible silver lining of this crisis is the opportunity to change for the better. In this time of ambiguity, we cannot predict or control the future and being open to learning allows us to adapt and grow. […]

Curaçao Flag Day – July 2nd

Every year on July 2nd, the island honors the official flag of Curaçao with pride and joy. As a nation, the flag is a significant and valuable part of the identity of the island. Understanding the meaning of the simple yet timeless design will provide insight to how it represents the most important elements of the island. The flag, adopted on July 2nd, 1984, was designed by Martin den Dulk. It is a blue field with a horizontal yellow […]