The second lockdown in Curaçao, almost a year after the first one, caused even more pressure on the economy in general, businesses, families, and individuals in specific. Having to deal with another, more serious COVID-19 wave with loss of loved ones included, will remain engraved in the memories of many. Some companies were able to learn, adapt, and adjust after the first lockdown, and thus were prepared to implement innovative solutions in their business for the second lockdown using technology and reinvention. 

Reinventing ourselves and our businesses is key to being competitive, not only in our local market but globally. In a global pandemic, reinvention and perseverance will determine our competitiveness. 

We need to be aware of our environment, markets, clients, employees with attention to our own health and growth to be able to reinvent ourselves based on the available information. Steering and reinventing is also based on the right information. Having a vast amount of information at our fingertips means also having to deal with fact-checking: balancing “right” from “wrong” information, before using it to take life-changing decisions for yourself or your business. 

While this edition was wrapped up, Curaçao was approaching 200.000 applied vaccinations (combination of first and second shots). Some island neighbors are already sold out in the hospitality industry in an “old normal” low season forecast. This means we must be prepared using the common hygiene and COVID-19 measures we all (are supposed to) know by heart now, but also be prepared to be the best host to our visitors, tourists, businesses, and potential investors by showing that the challenges of the past year have made us better, more grateful, and also more hospitable to make beautiful things happen in Curaçao. 

Being successful in emerging resilient out of this pandemic can only be done through concerted team efforts. You are part of the team. We count on your grain of contribution to persevere in achieving new growths for Curaçao. 

No matter which sector you represent, no matter what position you hold, or even who you are. You are part of the community, the economy, and the future of Curaçao. 


Billy Jonckheer 

President Curaçao Chamber of Commerce and Industry 


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