There is no doubt that the pandemic has changed all of us. While the crisis is not in our rearview mirror yet, we can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. As the pandemic created many unexpected challenges, we are all eager to turn the corner on controlling this virus and inch closer to the recovery needed across the world. We are continuously reminded how incredibly important our health is for our future, while keeping the island open for commerce is critical for the financial health of our businesses. We maintain our gratitude to every healthcare professional and volunteer who works tirelessly for the benefit and safety of the community and provides the effective and efficient vaccine process to the people on the island. It is important to keep in mind that vaccinations have contributed significantly to human health outcomes for over the past two centuries and continue to be among the most effective methods of protecting people from diseases.  

The global business community is fundamentally different and will most likely never go back to the way things were before the pandemic. The way many of us work has dramatically changed, and these changes are here to stay. Embracing change does not always come easy and finding inspiration from rising entrepreneurs with their vibrance for life is just what the world needs right now, as highlighted in an article within this edition. While supporting new technologies and innovative solutions, the role of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology continue to expand and develop in the market with a momentum that is exciting to follow. Additionally, the pandemic has emphasized the huge importance of infrastructure improvement and advancement as a critical step towards greater economic well-being, sustainability, and prosperity for the future of the island. Financial professionals and leaders must be prepared to guide businesses to survive and thrive in these extraordinary, uncertain times. 

As we look ahead to the end of 2021, COVID-19 will continue to keep the world in its grip for the foreseeable future. Curaçao Business Magazine remains committed to continuing to work alongside the business community on the path to recovery with an optimistic vision for a brighter, healthier world.   


Truly and with gratitude 

Risa Schonbaum CPA 

Chief Editor Curaçao Business Magazine 

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