Letter from the Chief Editor – NEW NORMAL

I am always searching for inspiration from all areas of lifeSetbacks and challenges will always be part of life, but we can choose to maintain a positive viewpoint. This pandemic has impacted everyone across the globe with far-reaching financial consequencesA possible silver lining of this crisis is the opportunity to change for the better. In this time of ambiguity, we cannot predict or control the future and being open to learning allows us to adapt and grow. As we evolve in the new normal, there is an immense opportunity to refocus, reinvent and reimagine our lives and careersIn the constantly changing business environment, seeking strategic solutions is paramount. Being proactive to learn about the latest emerging trends, innovations, data security, and adopting technology while staying focused could improve and save businesses. Keep networking to stay visiblebe open-minded, look for new opportunities in unlikely places, get comfortable with remote working and virtual interactions to continue progressing in the “new normal”. No matter how attractive it may seem to return to times before the pandemic, there is no going back. Now is the moment to chart a new path going forward. 

As the world tries to cope with the impact of the worst economic crisis in living memory, financial anxiety is real and widespread, and the importance of maintaining mindfulness in business and life is more relevant than ever. Experts predict that the mental health effects of coronavirus will last long after the pandemic is over. Health and financial fears, anxiety and confusion over the changing lockdown restrictions combined with political unrest are driving record reports of stress and mental illness. In times of crisis, bringing light to and addressing these issues should remain a priority. 

Agility and resilience are vital in a recovery phase. The team at Curaçao Business Magazine strive to highlight information, channels, and opportunities which help businesses on their journey to build connections, unlock their potential, create jobs, and accelerate growth. It is important to remember how significant it is to support local businesses. The contribution of the Curaçao manufacturing industry to the economy is substantial and a major factor in rebuilding. A key message remains to encourage people to buy and promote local businesses wherever possible to provide the kick start needed to move forward and build back a vibrant economy. In the new normalunity and support are indispensable ingredients to success.

We hope the next half of this difficult year becomes brighter for each one of you with health, safety, and peace of mind.

Truly and with gratitude
Risa Schonbaum CPA
Chief Editor Curaçao Business Magazine 

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