Letter from the President – UNPRECEDENTED TIMES

This edition sheds light on the opportunities to never waste a good crisis. Several countries call these ever changing and improvising times as a “new normal”. However, what we see is an increased awareness towards the items that should have been normal in our day to day in the first place, such as hygiene, personal space, innovation, transparencynow becoming enforced and disruptive on several levels. 

It has become an environment of being more aware and alert of your surroundings, neighbors, and markets. As an island, since we are dependent on other markets for not only our survival but also our growth, we need to stay alert and willing to take concrete actions to innovate factors that were already in the pipeline. This is necessary in order to shift faster and allow growth opportunities in these uncertain times. We will get passed this phenomenon eventually and keep on making a decent living for all. 

As this edition was prepared, Curaçao began to open its borders. It is critical to look not only at the importance for tourism, but balance between the external risk factors in markets and sectors when removing restrictions and opening the borders. Keeping an eye on how the COVID19 cases are constantly developing in the primary and secondary tourism markets for Curaçao, the safety of every single hospitality service channel and employee will remain top priorityIn addition, we need to attentively ensure there is enough space in our health care system in case the open borders results in an increase in imported coronavirus cases for CuraçaoIt is “all hands-on deck”, with joint efforts to secure our chances to be successful. 

These times have been far from easy for businesses, essential entities, stakeholdersgovernment and Curaçao as a whole. However, the impact has been on a global level, and this experience can be used to unite, cooperate, and facilitate the concrete action steps for growth opportunities and innovations. It is good to see the private associations, industries and sectors tightening their cooperation and focus on joint efforts for positive developments for CuraçaoTaking these small but firm steps during these challenging times will seem like huge leaps compared to the last decades, but our survival and growth will depend on bold moves. It will be our determination, disciplineresilience, and commitment that will move us forward. 

A rising tide lifts all boats; the time to rise the tide is NOW – Together. 

Billy Jonckheer
President Curaçao Chamber of Commerce and Industry 

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