It has been a hell of a year. It is ok to not be ok at times. We are all adjusting and trying to navigate our changing lifestyle. As mostly social beings, we thrive by connection to others, cultivating relationships, finding a sense of life purpose, and being part of a greater framework. It has been impossible to predict the depth or duration of the crisis for which the speed of recovery cannot happen fast enough. When in search for optimism in a better world, it becomes necessary to change our thinking and the way we make decisions aiming to become more knowledgeable about the future and how to improve it.

As an editor, I look for topics that shine a light on what is going on around us, what is interesting, relevant, and critical to rising us up. As we dive into this idea and edition, we see the path to a resilient economy, especially during uncertain times, is through innovation and adaptation with sustainability at the forefront. In the near future to be located off the coast of Curaçao, Proteus, the world’s most advanced underwater scientific research station and habitat, will soon exist to address humanity’s most critical concerns: medicinal discoveries, food sustainability, and the impacts of climate change. This revolutionary platform strives to become an integral part of advancing scientific research and discoveries to benefit the future of the planet. In addition, the Zakitó District Cooling project is almost a reality. Seawater cooling, an alternate-energy system that uses the cold water from the deep ocean to cool buildings, has the potential for expanding into a benchmark system for cooling as a greener alternative to conventional air conditioning while significantly reducing cooling costs.

For the first time in history, a health crisis has shut down the entire global economy demonstrating how inseparable healthcare and the economy have become. The healthcare sector remains essential, dynamic, and critical in providing preventative, remedial, and therapeutic services to patients. While the world’s focus has been on the pandemic, cancer is predicted to become the top global health threat as most cancers are diagnosed too late. As early detection and support can save lives, the dedicated services of the foundations, the Caribbean Prevention Center and the Princess Wilhelmina Foundation, to the people of Curaçao are exceptional.

The idea of economic safety and freedom is a worldwide goal: people want to live in peace, earn a decent living, educate their children, take care of their families, and save for the future. The economic and social impact of the pandemic has not only accelerated the corrosion of commerce and relationships across borders but also highlighted the extreme vulnerability of the world’s population to disease, economic insecurity, and exclusion. Constructive solutions to the island’s economic prospects are possible with targeted practical rebuilding, international cooperation and outreach.

As we look ahead, I am confident we will find a way to survive this pandemic, adapt, and even be better as we advance and aspire for a brighter, healthier tomorrow.

Truly and with gratitude

Risa Schonbaum CPA

Chief Editor Curaçao Business Magazine

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