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Chinese IT company may bring CCTV to Curaçao

Multinational IT company, Inspur, which is headquartered in China, is considering the establishment of establishing a business in Curaçao to serve the region. The idea emerged when Minister Nelson Navarro, along with acting police chief Rudsel Martina and Sector Director Gerold Daantje of the Ministry of Justice recently visited the company in China. The delegation […]

Keeping Diversity In Mind

Thanks to our rich cultural heritage, Curaçao has a multicultural society with people from diverse backgrounds, speaking several languages, all with a global perspective on business. This is so deeply rooted in our culture that we tend to forget the great advantages it has on our daily work-life. TEXT LESLEY HORNUNG We often talk about […]

Curaçao: A Land of Opportunity

Curaçao has been a hub for international business for a very long time. It all started in the 1940s when the island developed its legislation to accommodate the formation and transfer of international companies to the island. Through tax treaties, Curaçao became a renowned financial jurisdiction and prospered for many decades. TEXT PRISCILLA LOTMAN AND […]

Sole Proprietorship versus Besloten Vennootschap (B.V.)

As a starting entrepreneur, you may face the issue of whether to start out as a sole proprietorship or a private limited liability company, a Besloten Vennootschap (B.V.). Even if you are already operating a business, it is still wise to evaluate whether your current form of business is the right one and whether it […]

Business Boost as new incentive for small businesses

Minister Stanley Palm of Economic development and Tourism launched ‘Business Boost’, a program aimed at helping small and medium-sized enterprises in Curaçao. According to the Ministry of Economic Development (MEO) this project will assist, inform and educate 45 small businesses that are willing to contribute up to 30% of the costs for participating in this […]

Ethical and Morale Behavior is Becoming a Must

Worldwide, society has become increasingly transparent, individually and collectively, putting moral pressure on companies and organizations to display ethical and moral behavior. Companies and organizations can no longer avoid their corporate social responsibilities. There is no choice between being socially responsible and making profit. Rather, it should be part of the business plan, knowing that […]

LAMPA 2013 Highly successful commercial meetings between Brazil and Curaçao

From September 12th through 15th, 2013, a group of high level entrepreneurs and officials of various municipalities from Brazil visited Curaçao to attend the Latin American Marketing Personality Awards of 2013 (LAMPA 2013). Curaçao was selected by the Global Council of Sales & Marketing (GCSM) to host the presentation that was expertly organized by the […]