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The development of online services and e-commerce companies is on the rise throughout the world and gene­rating billions annually. Most business owners in Curaçao have already created websites and made full use of social media outlets such as Instagram and Facebook, but only a handful of these merchants use e-commerce websites to sell and complete […]

What Kind of First Impression Does Your Business Make?

Every year, the Dutch organization Sparq ( publishes the National Reception Barometer. This is a survey of the way guests are received in corporate, healthcare and governmental organizations. Are these guests truly made to feel welcome or does the conviviality leave a lot to be desired? This year, the results found that although reception is […]

New Strides in New Markets: Curaçao’s International Image

THE KINGDOM OF THE NETHERLANDS SIGNS MOU WITH THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC After three years of ongoing negotiations, the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Dominican Republic signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The signing took place in Santo Domingo where the Minister of Economic Development, Eugene Rhuggenaath, signed on behalf of Curaçao; Prime Minister William […]

#UnMionPaUnMihóSDK: Rethinking Public-Private Partnerships in Sport

In Curaçao, companies are very involved in supporting a wide array of causes, from carnival celebrations to sporting events. Nevertheless, in the sport industry several initiatives rely very heavily on government support through subsidies, funds, and special arrangements to survive. In 2015, the Government of Curaçao founded a new organization, the Federashon Desaroyo Deportivo Kòrsou […]

Book Review Irresistible Persuasion: The Secret Way To Get To Yes Every Time REVIEWED BY KATY BRANUM

I first came across this book, when tasked to manage a sales team in a small but ambitious business. However, I discovered that Burch provides a fantastic checklist to ensure that your whole business is presenting professionally to existing customers and prospective customers alike. This book also includes important tips for your sales team on […]

Acoya Launches Private Residence Club

The 10-acre ACOYA Hotel Suites and Villas in Curaçao launched the ACOYA Private Residence Club. According to founder, Mr. Mahesh Daswani, the vacation club provides opportunities for local residents to purchase shared memberships at ACOYA, which can be used for “staycations” or exchanged for travel worldwide with their partnership with Interval International, a worldwide provider […]

Setting the Standard

Using standards can offer a set of powerful business and marketing tools for organizations of all sizes. Standards can be used to fine-tune an organization’s performance and manage the risks they face while operating in more efficient and sustainable ways. Standards allow organizations to demonstrate the quality they offer to their customers and reassures customers […]

Catering:Health Boost Or Hazard?

The employer is responsible for the wellbeing of his employees. This means that the working environment should not pose any dangers to the physical or mental health of the staff. The work station must be ergonomically sound, the climate must be appropriate, stress should be avoided, et cetera. Many bosses go beyond the necessary facilities […]