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Craig Martin Appointed New General Manager of Marriott Beach Resort

The Curaçao Marriott Beach Resort entered its final phase of renovations, and with that comes the announcement of the appointment of their new General Manager. Seasoned hospitality executive, Craig Martin will assume the new position of General Manager under the new franchise agreement to lead the hotel to its grand re-opening scheduled for December 2019. […]

Trends in Human Resources: How the Recruitment Game is Played

When hiring at a senior level, the strategic goal is often to improve and further develop the management team. Placing new people in a company brings new insights, and challenges old systems and processes. With these fresh ideas comes a new energy that flows through the organization. TEXT KATY BRANUM Balance, an established mid and […]

Getting Things Done: The New Way of Being More Productive

We all know the feeling of having enormous to do lists, exploding email boxes, and losing your focus and priorities in the chaos of running business. Daily troubles that block your creative wellbeing and give you headaches. TEXT TJARRIE WIJGA But there’s a solution, called Getting Things Done, (GTD). GTD is the proven path for […]

Corporate Wellness More Than Improving the Bottom Line for your Business

“Wellness programs are not only valuable for the organizations and their employees, they are our biggest hope for fixing a national health crisis.” –Rajiv Kumar, doctor and entrepreneur, “In Defense of Corporate Wellness Programs” TEXT HEATHER DE PAULO Many of us have heard of the term “Corporate Wellness” or “Workplace Wellness,” but what does it […]

Information Governance: What It Is And Seven Reasons Why You May Need It

If you’re already familiar with Corporate Governance and Transparency, Information Governance, or IG for short, is exactly what you might think it is.TEXT VANESSA VROLIJK According to the Business Dictionary online, governance is: “the establishment of policies, and continuous monitoring of their proper implementation, by the members of the governing body of an organization. It […]

Practicing Mindfulness in the Age of Complexity

From Silicon Valley technology companies to New York-based investment firms, terms such as mindfulness, conscious decision-making, emotional intelligence, and self-awareness are making their way into the daily jargon of employees, CEOs, and entrepreneurs. It is a new trend that pushes us out of the old notions of pure productivity (to work fast and think fast), […]

Contributing to Curaçao Should Be Part of Our DNA

“CSR is all about incorporating respect, transparency, and inclusion of the community. It’s like a three-legged stool. If one leg is missing the stool won’t stand up.” -Bernarda Elizalde, Responsible Mineral Development Consultants, Inc. Corporate Social Responsibility: A Must for the Development of CuraçaoCorporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept that is becoming more and […]

Keeping Diversity In Mind

Thanks to our rich cultural heritage, Curaçao has a multicultural society with people from diverse backgrounds, speaking several languages, all with a global perspective on business. This is so deeply rooted in our culture that we tend to forget the great advantages it has on our daily work-life. TEXT LESLEY HORNUNG We often talk about […]

Ethical and Morale Behavior is Becoming a Must

Worldwide, society has become increasingly transparent, individually and collectively, putting moral pressure on companies and organizations to display ethical and moral behavior. Companies and organizations can no longer avoid their corporate social responsibilities. There is no choice between being socially responsible and making profit. Rather, it should be part of the business plan, knowing that […]