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Curaçao Businesses Can Join on a Mission to Cuba

The Dutch minister Lilianne Ploumen of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation will head a Dutch trade mission to Cuba in early 2016. Considering that Cuba and the Netherlands are practically neighbors in the Caribbean, thanks to the presence of the ABC islands, she explicitly commented that companies from Curaçao should also participate. The Dutch state […]

Brochure to Explain Set-Up of Dutch Kingdom

‘One Kingdom, four countries’ is the title of a brochure issued by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague in an effort to explain to the outside world that the Dutch kingdom consists of the Netherlands, which is part of the European Union, jointly with the autonomous countries in the Caribbean, being Aruba, […]

Curaçao Port Authority: Building towards the Future

“Curaçao has so many opportunities. Import and export mainly occur via the maritime industry – it’s really a growing sector. Everything revolves around our waters.” TEXT NEELAM MELWANI Curaçao is blessed with incredible natural, deep harbors, and a port that is positioned in such a way that it offers security to vessels docked in its […]

Companies in ABC islands Favor More Mutual Cooperation

More mutual cooperation between the public and private sectors in Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao (ABC), and a greater involvement of the commercial sector in relevant government policies will ultimately lead to a much stronger basis for the trade sectors in these three islands. The Stichting Economisch Onderzoek (SEO – foundation for economic research) has presented […]

Curaçao Anticipates a Greater Influx of Colombians

As of July 1, 2015, Colombians no longer need to have a visa to travel to Curaçao. With this change in policy, it is expected that Colombians will come in great numbers to vacation in Curaçao. In particular, the local hotels anticipate that they will benefit from the new situation. Following suit, the Curaçao government […]

Caribbean Leaders Meet in Brussels

The Prime Ministers of several islands in the Caribbean met with Leaders of the Caribbean Overseas Countries and Territories Council (COCTC) in Brussels in December 2013. Some points that were addressed during the meeting include the new European Union Overseas Association decision, which went into effect January 1st, 2014, the Territorial Strategies for Innovation Project, […]

Curaçao No Longer on Blacklist of Europe Union

While other islands and countries in the Caribbean are outraged about being blacklisted by the European Union as tax havens, Curaçao is proud to not be included on that list. The EU started with this listing in a fight against tax evasion, especially by big multinational corporations through a worldwide web of fiscal havens. The […]

Caldera Targets Newcomers: As Damen Gears Up for Growth

After years of futile efforts to work out a deal for financing through local banks, the Curaçao Drydock Company, (CDC), has recently signed an agreement with Damen Shipyard Group to take over all its operational activities. TEXT FARAH DIBAH AYOUBI Getmar Caldera, Managing Director of CDC is now smiling as he takes calls from numerous […]

Curaçao: Building the Logistics Hub of the Caribbean

Ever since Europe discovered the Americas, the islands of the Caribbean have acted as a gateway between the new continent and the old: the Western world’s original hub of commerce and logistics. No other island exemplifies this as perfectly, or as powerfully, as Curaçao. When the Dutch occupied the island in 1634, they acquired more […]

CPA and CPS Off to a New Start

After many years of negotiations, Curaçao Ports Authority, (CPA), and Curaçao Port Services, (CPS), have finally arrived at an agreement with regards to the long-standing monopoly held by CPS, over the island’s port containerization and stevedoring services. In September 2016, Minister of Economic Development, Eugene Ruggenaath, CPA Chief Executive Officer, Humberto de Castro and Fernando […]