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Mindfulness in Business vs. a Business in Mindfulness

Writer: Andy Kirchner, Mindful Mindset Coach at The Recycled Pirate, Ecosystem Developer & Entrepreneurial Facilitator at Innovation ç Let’s start with a truth bomb. Ever notice that when you really want to land that one client, that one assignment, you can’t seem to make the connection and seal the deal. There is nothing wrong with […]


The Orange economy is sometimes also referred to as the Creative economy. It includes industries such as digital media, software development, visual arts and advertising. Curaçao Investment and Export Promotion Agency (CINEX) hosted its two-day Smart Investment Summit on August 28th and 29th featuring an inspiring range of presentations on this subject. Topics included Smart […]


The development of online services and e-commerce companies is on the rise throughout the world and gene­rating billions annually. Most business owners in Curaçao have already created websites and made full use of social media outlets such as Instagram and Facebook, but only a handful of these merchants use e-commerce websites to sell and complete […]


Website: globalintmanagement.comLocation: New York, NY | Willemstad Curaçao | Remote office Paramaribo Suriname | Managing Director: Rocher Cyrus CPA, CGMADescription: The company is innovating the audit and accounting profession through Education, Technology, and Connectivity. Following a career exceeding thirteen years at PwC and KPMG, Rocher Cyrus CPA, CGMA founded Global International Management, LLC with the […]

Investment in Education: An Opportunity with Great Potential

Thanks to our rich cultural heritage, Curaçao is a multicultural society with people from diverse backgrounds, speaking several languages, all with a global perspective on business. This is so deeply rooted in our culture that we tend to forget the great advantages it has on our daily work-life. TEXT JANICE TJON SIEN KIE AND ARNE […]

TEDxCuraçao: Boosting Curaçao’s Knowledge Industry in Creative Ways

On 12 March 2016, TED once again made its way to Curaçao with a TEDx event titled Bridging the Gap. TED is a nonprofit organization that aims to spread ideas, through short, powerful talks. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design, and was launched in 1984. Since then, they’ve developed into a global community, under […]

The Latin American and Caribbean Institute for Geopolitical Studies (LACIGS)

Text Vanessa Van Dijsseldonk Wintercourse After its successful establishment, the Latin American and Caribbean Institute for Geopolitical Studies (LACIGS) hosted its first post-academic course on 9–11 November 2016 with the theme: “Geopolitics in the 21st Century and its impact on Latin America and the Caribbean.” According to Mr. Humphrey Senior, responsible for the organization of […]

Information Governance: What It Is And Seven Reasons Why You May Need It

If you’re already familiar with Corporate Governance and Transparency, Information Governance, or IG for short, is exactly what you might think it is.TEXT VANESSA VROLIJK According to the Business Dictionary online, governance is: “the establishment of policies, and continuous monitoring of their proper implementation, by the members of the governing body of an organization. It […]

Talk Like TED: The 9 Public – Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds

Regardless of whether you work in a company or run your own business, being able to present your ideas in a compelling manor will help you succeed. This book is not just for the sales and marketing folks. Powerful presentation skills are essential in every part of business, including: IT, customer relations, HR, legal, operations, […]