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Wastewater Definitely Not a Waste of Time

What is wastewater? Yes, there’s poop in there, but besides flushing the toilet, we also produce wastewater domestically when we take a shower or wash our dishes and cars. Outside of the household, it’s produced from industrial site drainage, agricultural run-off and even the residues that come from roads, sidewalks and roofs when it rains, […]


TEXT BY HELEN GRIFFITH De-risking is a common practice in the banking industry whereby financial institutions sometimes opt to sever business relationships from certain companies due to the high cost of regulatory compliance and the comparatively low returns. Developing countries are often hardest hit by these practices. Earlier this year, the Economic Commission for Latin […]

E-Commerce and Payment Solutions for Merchants in the Caribbean

A key factor in any business expansion plan is cost containment and improving the company’s bottom line. E-commerce has redefined the way companies do business nowadays and companies are often scrambling to find a payment system that aligns with their business operations and enhances customer experience. TEXT BY LUIS SANTINE, MANAGING DIRECTOR OF INFOCAPITAL AND […]

Getting Things Done: The New Way of Being More Productive

We all know the feeling of having enormous to do lists, exploding email boxes, and losing your focus and priorities in the chaos of running business. Daily troubles that block your creative wellbeing and give you headaches. TEXT TJARRIE WIJGA But there’s a solution, called Getting Things Done, (GTD). GTD is the proven path for […]

Virtual Office – It Can Make A Real Difference

In Curaçao, business is thriving. Start-ups are popping up everywhere, and there has never been a better time to discover your entrepreneurial instincts. However, it is one thing to start a business, and another to turn a brand new enterprise into a viable, profitable company that can properly position itself in the world economy. TEXT […]

Shaping the Future of Our City Center:Shaping the Future of Our City Center

Curaçao has a beautiful city center – from its broad streets to little alleys, its unique architecture and eclectic charm appeal to tourists and locals alike. Rooted deep in its colonial past, buildings are reminiscent of those in Amsterdam, but are painted vibrant shades of blues, pinks and yellows. The oldest part of the city […]

Free Wifi Available in Curaçao’s City Center

Thanks to an initiative by the Curaçao Tourism Board (CTB), free wifi will be available in Curaçao’s city center. Director of CTB, Hugo Clarinda, explained that it’s free but not unlimited. Access to the network can be obtained by giving one’s e-mail address. Wifi will be available in Punda from Marshe Nobo to Wilhelminaplein and […]