On September 20, 2019, local entrepreneurs received the gratuitous opportunity to assist at the United Entrepreneurship Curaçao Summit organized by Het Huis van Asporaat at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort. Jandino Asporaat, co-founder of Het Huis van Asporaat, is no stranger to the local and Dutch entertainment industry. The 38-year-old stand-up comedian, actor, producer, writer, and entrepreneur was born in Curaçao and started his professional career in The Netherlands in 2002.

As a Curaçao patriot, he invested in the reali­zation and implementation of the summit, with the goal to motivate, inspire and connect local entrepreneurs. Hundreds of ambitious CEOs and entrepreneurs, from young and old gen­erations, were present at the summit, gaining expert knowledge while renewing motivation and confidence. Before the summit, we received the opportunity to interview Jandino about the project goals, his entrepreneurial journey and his eagerness to strengthen the relationship between entrepreneurs and local authorities.

Throughout the years, Jandino Asporaat gained immense popularity as an actor, TV host and comedian. “Not everybody is aware that behind this successful image, there’s a successful busi­ness strategy involved. Without my entrepre­neurial skills, the successful personality would not have existed. The truth behind my success is to practice the values I hold, every day in small ways, and sometimes make big moves as well. What you leave behind is not what is engraved on stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others. In my case, I sell emotions. Part of being human is seeking, expe­riencing and communicating emotions. We all have this particular weak spot: We will pay almost any amount to enjoy a little more plea­sure in our lives. Buying decisions are always the result of a change in the customer’s emo­tional state. While information may help change that emotional state, it’s the emotion that’s important, not the information” he explains.

As an acknowledged native from Curaçao (Yu di Kòrsou), he receives questions by his country­men regarding his successful strategy on a daily basis. As an entrepreneur, it can be even more challenging, and one needs to work even harder to make their business a reality. “What if I told you that you could make these tasks infinitely easier by partnering with fellow business own­ers? Although you probably have a myriad of responsibilities, taking time to network with other founders can provide numerous benefits. Forming partnerships with relevant businesses can help you gain new opportunities, you could make valuable connections and some­times, receiving an outside perspective can help you refine your business’s practices. On the other hand, entrepreneurs acquire capital from their equity sources or loans from banks to build their business that adds value to the creation of wealth, influencing the economy and industrial structure of a country directly. The growth of industries and companies in various fields leads to the development of services such as road, public transportations, health, education, and entertainment. The implementation of those industrial activities results in the development of a more vibrant economy. Unfortunately, Curaçao is still not trained to show its maximum potential. We not only need to build ecosystems, where industry and government come together to help local manufacturers develop new ideas, but we need to give each other the chance to create a business opportunity. For this reason, I invested in my island, organizing the United Entrepreneurship Curaçao Summit. I want to give the local entrepreneurs the opportunity to receive a “solution-oriented” approach to resolve business problems. During my last trip to South Africa, I learned about our history and there was one expression explained I will never forget. “Each one teach one” is an African prov­erb that originated in America during slavery times. Slaves were seen as chattel and there­fore denied an education so when one slave learned to read or write, it became his duty to teach someone else. This is also the expression I will use during this summit, a summit that will be organized on a yearly basis on the island. Education is the key!” he stated.


Prime Minister of Curaçao
Eugene Rhuggenaath

Minister of Traffic, Transportation
and Urban Planning
Zita Jesus – Leito

Minister for Health, Environment and Nature
Suzanne Camelia-Römer

Minister of Economic Development
Giselle McWilliam

Entrepreneur, event coordinator, initiator United Entrepreneurship Curaçao Summit Jandino Asporaat

Manager Investment & Trade Promotion
Chamber of Commerce Curaçao
Steven Damiana

Manager Investment Department
Algemeen Pensioenfonds Curaçao
Solange Fingal

Founder Greenhouse
Saneleo Petronella

Founder DutchTreat
Dino de Castro

Founders Poké Food Station
Cristy-Ann Rojer & Kevin Boom

Founders FruitsiFruits
Mishédro Clemencia & Johnnylo Sebastiana

Co-founder Profound Projects
Gino Jacobs

President New Winds Realty
Randy Neuman

Managing Director Divi Divi Air
Germaine Richie

Head of Research Department
Central Bank Curaçao
Candice Henriquez

Source @Asporaat Jandino

The planners of United Entrepreneurship Curaçao Summit 2019 developed an inter­esting program focusing on essential themes that drive entrepreneurial success on Curaçao. Besides successful pioneering stories, there were different panel discussions with success­ful entrepreneurs, Ministers of Curaçao and representatives of local authorities. One of the successful and inspiring entrepreneurial stories was about FruitsiFruits, a company founded by two brothers Mishédro Clemencia and Johnnylo Sebastiana. These young adults had entrepreneurship as their first career choice. They created a healthy business profile after finishing high school, selling fruit cocktails to companies and families on the island. The way they presented themselves on stage, with their uniforms and jugs, showed their dedi­cation and discipline, regardless their young age. Current entrepreneurs and small business

owners should invest in supporting and training up-and-coming entrepreneurs to ensure the most vibrant workforce possible for all entrepre­neurial endeavors. It benefits the entire commu­nity to encourage and train students interested in starting businesses.

This was the first summit organized by Het Huis van Asporaat; the beginning of a perfect plat­form to create new insights about the potential of Curaçao. The organization’s goal is to present a yearly platform which highlights the powerful bond between entrepreneurship and Curaçao’s national income. For entrepreneurs to bring new ideas to life, they need access to educa­tion and a competitive level-playing field. The role of government leaders and public policy is to create conditions that allow more entrepre­neurs to start businesses. Under the right condi­tions, entrepreneurs have an incredible power: they help regional areas prosper economically and can also serve society as they help engi­neer innovative solutions to problems and challenges. United Entrepreneurship Curaçao Summit: see you next year!

Director CINEX
Ramon Koffijberg

Co-founder & Manager Director Curaçao
Financial Group
Bharat Bhojwani

Previous Minister of
Economic Development
Steven Martina

Founder & CEO Minubia
Renato Ignacio

President & CEO CHATA
Miles Mercera

Co-initiator Kaya Kaya Party
Kurt Schoop

Corendon Curaçao Holding BV
Caroline Debrot Hartel

Senior Advisor Strategy/Development &
Planning CTB
Faisol Ayoubi

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