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With the launch of her first book, Solo Jump, Solange Zindzi began a new chapter in her life and added author to her many talents. A professional dancer born in Amsterdam with Curacao roots; Solange was performing in a world tour when the pandemic came crashing down on the world. No one could have ever expected the abrupt changes that would challenge everyday life and impact every sector of business. The media and entertainment industry came to a complete halt. As our world is being reinvented, we recognize that reinvention requires vulnerability, creativity, motivation, and determination. Fortunately, the success stories emerging onto the scene are a testament to the resilience of new entrepreneurs who inspire people to embrace change. Solange Zindzi’s contagious energy and vibrance for life is just the dose of inspiration the world needs right now. 

Before the pandemic took over life, Solange was on tour with Chayanne, a Puerto Rican pop singer and actor. As a solo artist, Chayanne has released 21 solo albums and sold over 50 million records worldwide, making him one of the best-selling Latin music artists. She was living her dream performing in large arenas and stadiums in over 50 countries. “We were actually on tour when the pandemic started. I immediately opted to travel to Curaçao, the island of my father and siblings. I felt that I needed to go to my second home to process everything that was going on at that moment. Curaçao has that special touch, this island has always been so great to me. After about 10 days on the island, I decided to start writing my book. Just like that.” Solange explains at the beginning of the interview. “I am not the kind of person that will watch Netflix for hours. I need to feel productive and since the moment I started working on this project, I kept focusing on my goals. My motivation was exploding.  But it has also been challenging at times. I had to learn about a completely different field, how to publish a book, invest in the project, understand the print options, marketing … you name it!” 

For some, the pandemic lockdown was a chance to catch up on rest at home, but for Solange, the unplanned quiet time was just the opportunity she needed to fulfill another dream of becoming an author. Within months, she completed her book, Solo Jump, and a year later, she proudly mentions that sales of the English version are growing rapidly, the Spanish version just recently was put on the market, and her audio book is now available online. “Yes, a lot can change in a year! Reaching for goals does take hard work and it is so worth the effort!” Solange exclaims.

Solo Jump focuses on the fact that staying open to new ideas and experiences can help you become a stronger, more vibrant person and completely enrich your life. Between the pages of the book, Solange shares her most valuable life-tools to inspire and motivate you to believe in your own abilities and desires to become your own superhero. “My goal for this book is to inspire others so we start forming a community filled with confident people who believe in themselves, their dreams, and who dare to Solo Jump through life”, Solange continues. 

Her powerful and bright character gave her the drive to always work to become a better version in life. “I cannot just sit and wait for things to happen. I am not a ‘what if’ person, I always wanted to live abundantly. You know, when I travelled back to the Netherlands after spending lockdown in Curaçao, I needed to keep working on my book. I went back home to stay at my mother’s place. I spent a lot of time in my childhood bedroom and honestly, it was definitely an emotional ride. As a kid, I had so many dreams in this room and years later, I was wrapping up my own book. As a teenager, English was never my strongest point, but I learned it and even wrote my book in this complicated language. I pushed myself to learn the procedures to produce my book for the market. I danced for thousands of people, performed in a world tour with an amazing artist, gained friends from all over the world …. I did it, yes, I did it. I want all my readers to also believe in themselves, their strengths and talents. The time is now! The sky is the limit!” 

The book highlights fascinating and life changing experiences in Solange’s life. Since a very young age, dance influenced and changed her life. Her dream to become a professional dancer took her around the world to major cities of numerous countries. Through hardships and disappointments, Solange kept pushing and made her dreams come true. She describes in the book one of her memorable auditions for Beyonce, a near-death experience, her career as a model, love stories and, without hesitating, how she packs her bags and jumps into the uncertainty of life. She hopes to connect with people through the book and help give them the confidence needed to improve their lives. 

The popularity of Solo Jump and the adrenaline this process gave her, opened a thought-provoking door. She has inspiring plans on the horizon in the coaching industry, with the goal to encourage people to pursue being their best self. “I was always interested in the idea of coaching others, but after writing my book, I made the decision to start working on an exciting project. I am currently taking a course to become an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) practitioner, Hypnosis practitioner and Certified Life & Success coach. All the positive feedback that I have been receiving on the book makes it easier for me to jump once again into another new chapter of my life. The process of taking distance from my dancing career has been a tough one. Dancing is not just my hobby; it is a lifestyle and will always be part of me. But my world is being reengineered and I am ready to take another leap!” 

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