Traditionally, Curaçao has been able to earn its foreign currency mainly through the export of services. Having this tradition means that Curaçao has built up vast experience in dealing with the global marketplace.

Oil refining, ship repair, international financial services, transport and logistics has enabled Curaçao to position itself favorably as a reliable and knowledgeable service center and a fierce competitor, anchored in the Dutch legal system and a politically stable environment.

State of the art technology and knowledge through processes of innovation will carry Curaçao up to the next level to enhancing its services. It will also foster further developments in sectors that have been lingering in the background, such as cross border education, ICT and airport-based and business services.

While others seek shelter in the confinements of customs unions and restrictive market access through common external tariffs, as well as other protective measures, Curaçao, being a small island economy, capitalized on its need to educate its professionals all over the world. This not only brings the professionals themselves back to the island, but along with them their networks and understanding on how to work with high value niche markets.

Not as a flower in the wild, but a carefully cherished bouquet of growing opportunities for the export of services lie in our immediate future. The market is open and accessible for those able to identify and avail these opportunities in 2015. We welcome you to Curaçao in this promising year!

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