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Dear readers,

The year 2017 starts with exiting economic prospects. Damen Shipyards Group will soon take over the operations of Curaçao Drydock Company and will invest 40 Million US Dollars in the infrastructure and training facilities for personnel. Curaçao also found a strategic partner in Guangdong Zhenrong Energy, which will invest in, modernize and operate the refinery, while Tourism is finding anchors in new markets. A new agreement was reached with Curaçao Port Services opening the way for more foreign investments in our harbors. These developments will, for the coming decades, provide a backbone for important export sectors of the economy of Curaçao, and will provide for the most important vehicle of social development, being jobs.

Now there is a solid consensus among stakeholders that increasing export in Curaçao is fundamental to long-term economic growth, and that a strong focus on diversification and facilitation of export should be developed. In 2017 the coordination of efforts from the private and public sectors will be organized in a strategic partnership, having everyone on board on our journey towards organizing growth and reaping the fruits thereof.

New ideas and entrepreneurs constitute economic development. Be inspired by the examples of innovations on wastewater, crowd funding and smart technology.

Wishing you an inspiring 2017!

Billy Jonckheer President

Curaçao Chamber and Commerce and Industry