JANICE TJON SIEN KIE is partner at, a social e-commerce platform and real estate agent at RE/MAX. She holds a master’s degree in Finance and Investment from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. Prior to this she worked at PwC Consulting and CITCO Fund Services. She is part of Igualdat Kòrsou, an initiative working towards marriage equality on Curaçao and Secretary of the Board of Human Rights Caribbean Foundation.
NATHASJA PLAIZIER, After graduating at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen with her BSc Behavioral Neuroscience receiving a Bachelor of Honor, she proceeded with the Master Education & Communication in Mathematics and Life Sciences. In February 2014, Nathasja moved to Curaçao. Out of interest, she followed the propaedeutic year of Law at University of Curaçao. Nathasja currently spends her days in corporate life and as a teacher, writer and entrepreneur.
ÚNA JANSEN is a writer and journalist with a background in finance and academia. She holds a Master’s Degree in English Literature and is a guest lecturer at the University of Curaçao. Originally from Ireland, Úna is the founder and owner of Dublin Communications, providing writing and editing services to clients across a range of industries.
TIM MARTINA, If asked, Tim would most likely describe his perfect world as a place where logic prevails above all, form follows function and mankind has reached a sustainable and highly comfortable way of living through effective use of the ever-increasing technological possibilities. In the meantime, he indulges in pro-actively advocating strategic innovation in Curaçao as the Chief AI Strategist at BRABU.
JOERI OLTHETEN. My mission is to lead and help organizations and projects that enhance sustainable wellbeing. I specialize in project management, strategic consulting and business development. My unique approach has led to greater customer satisfaction, increased brand awareness and higher revenue for organizations in various industries since 2006. My passion is inventing and executing creative solutions for complex challenges. As a result of my varied work experience, I have the ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects. I am fluent in 4 languages and operate internationally.
SEAN STEIN SMITH is a professor at the City University of New York – Lehman College. He also is the chairperson of the NJCPA’s Emerging Technologies Interest Group (#NJCPATech). He serves on the Advisory Board of the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance, where he co-chairs the Accounting Work Group. Sean is on the Advisory Board of Gilded, a TechStars ’19 company. He is also a Visiting Research Fellow at the American Institute of Economic Research.
DESI DIJKHUIZEN is the owner of Dcommunicates!, a company that focuses on copywriting, translations and vlogging. In 2010, Desi graduated with a Master’s degree in Latin American Studies at the University of Leiden and gained a meaningful career experience at the Embassy of Chile in The Hague. Back in Curaçao, Desi started working for a local newspaper where she developed her journalism skills. At the beginning of 2019, she made the decision to start the exciting entrepreneurial journey.

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