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Business Boost as new incentive for small businesses


Minister Stanley Palm of economic development and tourism launched “Business Boost” – a program aimed at helping small and medium-sized enterprises in Curaçao. According to the Ministry of Economic Development (MEO), this project will assist, inform and educate 45 small businesses that are willing to contribute up to 30% of the costs for participating in this program. The 24-week program consists of two phases: a coaching program that will be provided by the local firm Action Coaching, and an IT plan for which funds are available for technology. The program is partially funded by the MEO and implemented in close collaboration with the foundation Stimul-IT, as well as with support of the Chamber of Commerce, the University of Curaçao, Innovation Centre Curaçao and the PSB Bank. The first 45 firms that signs up with fewer than 10 employees, a turnover that is no more than half a million a year and agrees to the terms can participate in the program.